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 Just starting with 3rd year and still getting a handle on Epic. I still don’t get the difference between SmartPhrases, SmartLists, SmartBlocks, and Macros. SmartPhrase = fetches a single item or set of information from somewhere else in the chart (Name, age, social history, etc)

Press the green plus sign to create a new smartphrase. Keep in mind that the library of standard smartphrases numbers in the thousands. Therefore, we recommend that users …If a SmartPhrase or SmartList has a list of users that you want to copy: 1. Click Copy Users. 2. Toggle the Search on option to search for a SmartList or a SmartPhrase. 3. Select a SmartPhrase or SmartList. Its users appear in the Users to Copy section. Users who can edit the selected SmartPhrase or SmartList have a check mark icon next to ...

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One of the defining features of Epic Smart Phrases Guide is the orchestration of genres, creating a symphony of reading choices. As you navigate through the Epic Smart Phrases Guide, you will encounter the perplexity of options — from the structured complexity of science fiction to the rhythmic simplicity of romance.The easiest way to submit a CC ticket is: inside Connect Care, click Epic button down arrow > Help > CC Submit Help Ticket. For virtual Super User support, please call the Solution Centre at 1-877-311-4300. - Press 1 for Clinical Applications - Press 1 for Connect Care.You can try with .labvprose [k and see if it dumps it out. If it doesn’t work, usually the rounding report phrases work, great ones are .rrchem, .rrlytes, .rrcbc, .rrbgs, .rrcoag. It dumps like four labs in one line. Also .rrcodestatus status is a dank one, basically a refreshable code status smartphrase. Reply.Epic smart phrase/ smart text. Hello PT and PTA friends, I was wondering if you guys use Epic for documentation and if so do you have any resources to find the smart phrases. I have made some of mine but if I can find more thay would be great or if anyone wanna share. TIA. Thank you for your submission; please read the following reminder.

You can try with .labvprose [k and see if it dumps it out. If it doesn’t work, usually the rounding report phrases work, great ones are .rrchem, .rrlytes, .rrcbc, .rrbgs, .rrcoag. It dumps like four labs in one line. Also .rrcodestatus status is a dank one, basically a refreshable code status smartphrase. Reply. Share your best epic dot phrases and hacks to make work and charting easier/faster! Some of mine (already auto programmed into my hospital’s system, but should be auto programmed most other places too): “.nex” or “.pex” followed by any body system (GI, CV, CNS) will give you a negative or positive physical exam for that body system to ...I just add the date and make reference such as: 6/12/14 Lab – See report. (the latter created with the SmartPhrase .LSR). 7/2/14 Colonoscopy – See report. (the latter created with the SmartPhrase .CSR). I try to be consistent with how I name SmartPhrases to make them easier to remember.Dr. Hall and his team worked with Epic’s team to include this threshold in the version that Epic released as part of the Foundation System so all organizations that use Epic can use these tools out of the box. Outcomes with the RAI. As a result of this program, UPMC has seen a significant drop in the post-surgical one-year mortality rate.

Capacity Assessment: In my medical opinion, this patient has capacity to make medical decisions. The patient has the ability to communicate their choice to me and others, understands the information relevant to this decision, appreciates the situation itself and the consequences inherent to their choice, and can logically explain their ...Epic SmartPhrases can include text, SmartLinks (links to the chart) and SmartLists (choices). SmartLists can be set up as single-choice only (yellow) or multiple-choice (light blue). SmartLists often have additional SmartLists embedded (see example below). ….

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... Epic style master file naming and numbering ... Fixing a typeo in a certain phrase in the phrase editor>make ... True or False: When you build a system SmartPhrase, ...Jan 29, 2021 ... ... Epic's Hyperspace, Haiku and Canto. Example: Create a SmartList that includes all the SmartPhrases you use to document your most commonly.Last Modified: 04/05/2013. 1. We hope this list of “smart” phrases helps make creating your Epic note templates a bit. easier. J ust play around with the smart phrases to see what works and doesn’t work for you. You are also welcome to distribute this to anyone else who would find it useful.

In a SmartTool-enabled feld, enter a period (.) followed by the SmartPhrase’s name. For example, enter “.me”. As you type, a list of matching SmartPhrases and SmartLinks appears. Use the arrow keys to select the SmartPhrase you want to use and press Spacebar to insert it. Press F2 or use the icons to complete any SmartLists and wildcards ...bearpics16. • 2 yr. ago. You can have IT peeps export epic smart phrases to an excel doc. You cannot import it into another epic. You have to copy paste. It’s dumb but that’s how it is. Some smart phrases may break due to underlying code issues that are different in the new system but shouldn’t be hard to fix. 3.9. Open EPIC MySmartPhrases/Smart Phrase Manager and select New 10. Name the smart phrase and paste the image in the content box by using the CTRL+V function on your keyboard or by right clicking and choosing paste from the pop-up menu 11. Repeat the same tasks above to select the back of the fact sheet and copy + paste into EPIC (to

state inspection killeen tx One Piece is a popular anime series that has captivated audiences around the world with its thrilling storyline and memorable characters. Season 5 of One Piece continues the epic j...1. Click on the Epic button in the top left corner. 2. Select "My SmartPhrases" 3. Click "New". In order to view another user's smart phrase, go to "Open," type in the person's name under user, right click on desired smart phrase and select "Share." Title. Microsoft Word - EPIC dot phrases.docx. Created Date. belk farmville vamattress firm dover de Utilizing SmartPhrases Quick Start Guide - (Handout) This document is a comprehensive guide that covers how to locate existing system SmartPhrases for commonly used phrases and sentences; how to create new SmartPhrases; how to add system SmartLinks (results, patient name, MRN, etc) to your SmartPhrases; how to add a SmartList of common choices ... eldorado court calendar .lastlabx[INSERTLABNAMEHERE:X (X = # of lab results you want to get) You'll definitely have to find what Vitamin D is called in your flavor of Epic. But once you do, make your own smartphrase from it called .vitd and you're done. I have literally hundreds of these. If there's a lab I ever want to trend, I've got a smartphrase for it.Follow these steps to create your own Epic SmartList: Open the Epic SmartList Editor, located in the Clinical Content section of the Administrator Dashboard. Note: You must have the appropriate Security Point (40-Edit SmartList) in order to access the SmartList Editor. To create a new SmartList record, use the Create tab and enter in a new name ... russian manicure rosevillebreaux mart magazinelodi stadium 12 movies A brief tutorial in making your own Smartlists and Smartphrases that uses them! To create instructions/smartphrases in Epic: 1. Click on Personalizeicon. 2. Then select MySmartPhases. 3. Click on New User SmartPhrase. 4. Copy paste the instructions in the body area. 5. Nameit as ***name of your template***. Please see the picture below for an example which uses the name “PPTEMPSURGEEMPLOYEECOVIDTEST” 6. flat rock festival paulding ohio The lab code is listed at the bottom of the result details (below order and routing details when you click open an individual lab result). My hospital just rolled out a new troponin test, and this is how a built my own troponin dot phrase with the trend over time. I use this when relevant. I’ve done the same for blood cultures, urinalysis etc. 6. publix tutto breadford payoff overnight addressohio university boyd hall 1. From Epic, click Tools > SmartTool Editor> My SmartPhrases. You can also access the SmartPhrase editor from the notes activity. Hint: If you have created some text you …